Built with mobile devices and web applications in mind, HTML5 puts you on the cutting edge of web development. You’ll learn to:

Create Web Applications (offline applications, too).
Build mobile sites from scratch and “mobilize” existing sites.
Add Interactivity, Animation, Audio and Video without Flash
Use new Javascript APIs for Geolocation, Local Storage, and more
Manage browser compatibility and learn what you can safely use now (and how to provide fallbacks for older browsers)
Apply best practices for structuring HTML5 pages with new HTML5 tags.

You’ll build a live, working, mobile site by the end of class.
This course is 2 days.
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HTML and CSS are the core of modern web design. You’ll learn how to:

Design and build websites from scratch.
Optimize and add graphics.
Quickly change the appearance of an entire site with a few lines of code.
Add a contact form.
Get started with ecommerce.
Look at and understand the inner workings of any website.
Add links.
Optimize your site for Search Engines so you can be found on the web.
Register a domain and get hosting for your site.
You will build a live, working website by the end of class.
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Dreamweaver is Adobe’s web development tool. We’ll build pages from scratch and edit existing ones. You’ll learn:

Setting up a new site.
Building a site from scratch.
How to decode any page on the web.
Using Dreamweaver’s built-in layouts.
Creating Templates for easy site maintenance.
Adding content to your page.
Adding a contact form.
Uploading your site.

You will have built a live, working website by the end of class.
This course runs 2-3 days depending on your goals and experience.

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Flash is Adobe’s tool for building animation and interactive page elements. Banner ads, games, and eLearning applications are common Flash projects. You’ll learn:

How to animate anything!
Creating a banner ad
Using Flash’s new tools
Making things clickable and interactive
Building games
Responding to advanced user interaction
Publishing for desktop and mobile devices

You will build an interactive Flash application by the end of class.

This course runs 2-5 days depending on your goals and experience
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HTML email is the single most efficient way to communicate with your customers. Stay ahead of the game with engaging, branded email. You’ll learn:

How to send email that’s not just text
Using an Email Service Provider – like Constant Contact or MailChimp
How to build html email from scratch
How to use html email templates
Legal issues involved with html email
Best practices for sending email that actually gets read
How to handle subscriptions / unsubscribes
How to create a sign up form for your website

You will set up your Email Service Provider and be ready to send HTML email.
This class runs for 1 day.

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Captivate is Adobe’s eLearning course building tool.  Captivate is commonly used for capturing and editing presentations for corporate training and product demonstrations.  You’ll learn:

How to add images, animation, buttons, audio and video to your course
How to record a new course
How to create quizzes and keep track of user input
How to add existing Powerpoint slides to your project
How to publish your course
How to host your course and manage students with a Learning Management System

By the end of class you’ll be ready to create your own eLearning courses.

This class runs for 2-3 days depending on your goals and experience.
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